Felix Fritsch

Felix Fritsch

Assistant Professor in Accounting & Taxation

University of Mannheim


I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Mannheim, focusing on Empirical Accounting Research with a keen interest in information biases, strategic disclosure, and ESG, especially in the context of climate change. I am dedicated to leveraging modern data science techniques, such as NLP and Machine Learning, and alternative datasets to gain deeper insights into firm behavior and decision-making processes. Overall, my work aims at integrating recent technological advances with traditional accounting research, to address relevant and contemporary questions related to firms and their information environment.
  • Information biases
  • Strategic disclosure
  • ESG & Climate Change
  • NLP & Machine Learning
  • Empirical Accounting Research
  • PhD in Accounting

    Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (2022)

  • Master in Business Research & Analytics

    Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (2019)

  • Master of Finance

    Frankfurt School of Finance & Management (2017)

Working Papers



  • Introduction to Financial Accounting (ACC 300)

    Delving into the essentials of financial accounting, this course covers the fundamentals of financial statements analysis, balance sheets, and income statements. Key topics include revenue recognition, working capital management, and asset valuation. Emphasizing real-world application, students engage in group case studies, enhancing analytical skills crucial for dynamic business environments.

    Undergraduate Course (since 2023)
  • Research Seminar Preparation (ACC/TAX 910)

    A specialized course aimed at preparing PhD students for in-depth discussions on current accounting and taxation research. Focuses on critically analyzing papers presented by visiting researchers, enhancing scholarly discourse, and fostering the development of innovative research ideas.

    PhD course (since 2022)
  • Thesis Supervision

    Guiding students through the thesis process at both undergraduate and graduate levels. Supervision involves personalized mentoring, helping students refine research questions, develop methodologies, solve complex programming problems, and enhance their academic writing skills. The focus is on fostering critical thinking, analytical skills, and independent research capabilities.

    Undergraduate & Graduate Levels (since 2021)


‘‘When Opportunism Mitigates Over-Expectations - Budgeting Biases and Profit Expectations’’, coauthored with Matthias D. Mahlendorf and Utz Schäffer; American Accounting Association, Annual Meeting, 2021
One of the recipients of the Best Management Accounting Reviewer Award at the American Accounting Association, Annual Meeting, 2021


TAR submission template
This repository contains a LaTeX template designed for paper submissions to The Accounting Review (TAR), a scholarly journal in the field of accounting. The template includes general formatting guidelines and citation styles that align with the requirements of the journal.